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Our mission at Health & Wellness Associates, Inc is to become your trusted source for wellness products supported by extensive unbiased information. We believe in the extensive education of our customers. We understand that trust is earned, and we attempt to do so with clear, non-technical explanations. True knowledge is power.

There is a litany of information and resources just about anywhere you look. Unfortunately, trying to decipher fact from fiction can be a daunting task for non-professionals. By simplifying the materials, we make product decisions for yourself and loved ones less overwhelming. Have questions or input? We are here to educate and learn as well.

Return Policy

We are so confident in our products and approach that we offer a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee to our clientele.

Trusted Source of References and Citations

Health & Wellness Associates, Inc sources much of its information from the U.S. National Institute of Health’s (NIH) National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). NCBIs mission is ‘uncovering new knowledge.’ NCBIs programs and activities surround genomic, genetic and biomedical data. The basic research programs are conducted by their intramural investigators. For anyone interested they offer a plethora of webinars, courses, tutorials, documentation and more. We also cull various domestic and international studies conducted by respected research institutions.

Editorial Process

Our experts analyze and review, U.S. government and clinical studies and edit using the highest of journalistic standards. The goal is providing a timely, easy-to-understand, abridged synopsis with unbiased, accurate and honest guidance.

Review Process

Health & Wellness Associates, Inc content is fact-checked for content and accuracy by qualified writers and/or clinicians. We engage medical professionals embracing their take on the clinical as well as anecdotal data.

Current Information

As studies and research are ongoing processes we constantly evaluate and update as information becomes available. We are on the look out for the most recent clinical results, care standards, practice recommendations and product approvals and recalls. We also embrace user concerns and reader feedback.

As information is always fluid, we take accuracy seriously. If our users and/or readers identify information requiring updating for any reason; we act. We follow our same editorial process in read, review, analyze, confirm and disseminate.

Constructive Feedback

At Health & Wellness Associates, Inc we encourage “communication.” We welcome your input and advise on how we can provide the ultimate experience. Let us know your thoughts on possible improvements or new ideas.

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